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SVOS_D2A_May2018SVOS_D2A_May20182Chosen Family Art Show

Life has been full – ups and downs – but feeling strong and focused as of late.

While wrapping up my first phase of student teaching high school art, and working towards a masters in art education, I’ve been pursuing my own creative interests. I’m participating in Silicon Valley Open Studios during the first 2 weekends of May and will be selling some of my paintings, pottery, and prints at the art studio I substitute teach at – Drawn2Art in Los Altos.

Facebook Event  SVOS Artist Page – Renae McCollum

Also, during the month of May, one of my latest paintings will be part of Social Policy‘s art show “Chosen Family” in downtown San José. That spot has some great coffee/tea and food if you’re in the area. Opening reception is May 4th, 7PM-10PM.

LandEscapes12_SanJoasis_backyard sunset_web

Title: LandEscapes 12 – My San Joasis

Dimensions: 16″ X 20″
Artist Statement
Relocating to San José was challenging at first because of the drastic change in lifestyle I had to make from living abroad in the Netherlands and elsewhere in California before that. I felt like I couldn’t connect and did not plan on staying for more than one year. However, things change – I changed. The resistance to putting down roots was softened after I found love and a community.
After almost 4 years of living in the area, I can genuinely say I’ve made this place my home – My San Joasis. This painting is a vibrant portrayal of my backyard view. I think it captures the essence of how I’ve made a little oasis with my partner and exhibits the gratitude I have for our space and the family we created.
It’s part of a series of acrylic landscape paintings I call LandEscapes. Ultimately, these works of art were created to remember a connection I had with the earth and to escape into the beauty that I know won’t be around forever.

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