My interest in muralism began at UCLA, where I was able to learn about the art form and its cultural relevance through my college internship at the Social and Public Art Resource Center in Venice, CA. I have been commissioned to paint children’s nurseries, bedrooms, bathrooms, classroom walls and pediatric health clinic waiting rooms. I am interested in creating more large-scale artwork for public spaces or private rooms – please email for collaboration opportunities.

Oak Woodland Mural in Bascom Health Clinic, San Jose, CA (Summer 2021)
Selfie – work in progress on the Redwood Mural at VHMC Bascom
Oak Woodland Mural (Final without chairs)
This mural was too big to get one clear shot, so here’s a video showing all of it.

June-early August 2021: Two 2nd floor waiting rooms of the Pediatric unit at Valley Health Center Bascom in San José. I was commissioned to brighten up the two main waiting rooms with a focus on California’s natural environment. The first mural is centered on California’s oak woodlands and the second is on redwoods forests. See gallery below for close ups of both.

Both murals took around 40 (ish) hours, but the painting spanned over a few months in the summer. It was a great opportunity and I’m grateful for the staff at the clinic for their support and flexibility while I worked on these projects.

January 2021: Bathroom mural inspired by a New York Times Magazine cover. I’m grateful for my friends Danielle and Ryan who commissioned me for this dream of theirs and I’m glad I could help it fully come to fruition. Link to blog post with more progress shots and before/after videos.


May-July 2019: I helped out a fellow art teacher friend, Jessica Gutierrez, who designed and coordinated a huge wall mural in east San Jose. I painted two giant flowers that were between 4′-6′ wide and 3′-4′ tall. Jessica and her high school students from James Lick H.S. did an incredible job on this project. Here are a few in-progress images:

Mar. 2019: Under the Sea Porthole Mural Project in the main waiting room of Valley Health Center Bascom (same clinic as the mural last month). I am grateful to have been commissioned by the Valley Medical Center Foundation in order to complete this short 2.5-day project. 

~10′ x 4′ indoor mural time-lapse video:


Jan. – Feb. 2019: Volunteer and mural artist at a low-income health clinic in San José. See blog post for more details/reflection: Valley Health Clinic Bascom Mural Project

10ft X 22ft indoor mural – 7 days of creating 🙂

Time-lapse Video


Summer 2013 – Artistic Director, coordinator/co-designer, and main artist of 8ft X 12ft mural. Coordinated teen volunteers to paint this mural for Ceres Community Project.


Children’s Murals


Other Murals and Miscellaneous Collaborative Projects


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