My interest in muralism began at UCLA, where I was able to learn about the art form and its cultural relevance through my college internship at the Social and Public Art Resource Center in Venice, CA. I have been commissioned to paint children’s nurseries, bedroom walls, and classroom walls. In 2013, I was a volunteer art director and coordinator for a garden shed mural representing a nonprofit’s mission of healthful eating. Most recently, I volunteered at Valley Health Clinic Bascom in San José where I created an early-education mural. I am interested in creating more large-scale artwork for public spaces or private rooms – please email for collaboration opportunities.

May-July 2019: I helped out a fellow art teacher friend, Jessica Gutierez, who designed and coordinated a huge wall mural in east San Jose. I painted two giant flowers that were between 4′-6′ wide and 3′-4′ tall. Jessica and her high school students from James Lick H.S. did an incredible job on this project. Here are a few in-progress images:

Mar. 2019: Under the Sea Porthole Mural Project in the main waiting room of Valley Health Center Bascom (same clinic as the mural last month). I am grateful to have been commissioned by the Valley Medical Center Foundation in order to complete this short 2.5-day project. 

~10′ x 4′ indoor mural time-lapse video:


Jan. – Feb. 2019: Volunteer and mural artist at a low-income health clinic in San José. See blog post for more details/reflection: Valley Health Clinic Bascom Mural Project

10ft X 22ft indoor mural – 7 days of creating 🙂

Time-lapse Video


Summer 2013 – Artistic Director, coordinator/co-designer, and main artist of 8ft X 12ft mural. Coordinated teen volunteers to paint this mural for Ceres Community Project.


Children’s Murals


Other Murals and Miscellaneous Collaborative Projects


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