Beachscapes, July 2020

New Artwork

Recent Commission

The goal was to bring some colorful large artwork to the walls of Lisa and Ron’s new house in Florida (aka my partner Christian’s parents). We had been brainstorming an idea for these paintings for at least half a year (if not longer). Once school ended in June, I had a bit more brain space to figure out how to actually make it happen.

Before the pandemic, I considered flying out to stay with them in central Florida to create the paintings in-house. However, as time moved on I realized that was not going to be a feasible idea. Figuring out logistics was more challenging than I expected because I never had to ship large canvases before. After researching and calculating costs for a while, I came across a company called Genie Canvas that seemed too good to be true. Essentially, it solved all of my logistical issues by providing collapsible, easy to assemble canvases in shipping tubes. [Quick PSA: I’m fully on board with Genie Canvas’ products! Artists and art buyers, check them out; it’s a fairly affordable and easy solution if you need to ship large paintings.]

I turned our little living room into a studio for about 4 days in early July to create 3 different scenes to capture dawn, day, and dusk. The 5′ X 3′ and 4′ X 3′ canvases took over the floor. The size and positioning of the canvases on the ground made it challenging to paint (especially straight horizon lines) and provided a real full-body workout. In the end, I enjoyed working on this project and the paintings turned out colorful and tranquil.

Me doing final touch-ups with all 3 canvases upright in the living room

Thank you to Lisa and Ron for the opportunity! I hope you enjoy them on your walls and can’t wait to see them in person.

Process Images and Time-lapse Videos

Mini Rough Drafts on Loose Canvas
The Genie Canvas tubes arrived – 6ft and 5ft tall

Final Paintings

Short video showing the paintings hanging in their new home!

LandEscapes 6 – you rock, rock.

New Artwork

Well, here it is, the latest of the series – inspired from Castle Rock S.P. in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Got my hands on a new acrylic pen…and new acrylic paints – courtesy of Riley Street Art Supply in Santa Rosa 🙂

Stay Tuned for more as the journey continues.


Also, I became a member of a gallery in San JosĂ© to explore the local art scene. It’s called Works/San José and they happened to be having a member exhibition called Vote Your Subconscious. I entered a small piece from an earlier LandEscapes blog entry. It will be on display until Sept. 11 and is tucked away, right next to a lively painting of the Donald. Contrasting beauties I guess…I’m grateful to have my escapism from this crazy world sometimes.

LandEscapes updates and t-shirt graphics

New Artwork, Uncategorized

There has been a delay in this series, but it will continue soon, hopefully next week if time allows. I’ve been busy working on a few portrait drawings for a good friend, some sweet graphics for work and a few designs for a friend’s wedding this weekend (I’ll be updating my portfolio in the next few days, so stay tuned).

I finished this 4th painting over a month ago, by adding more lines and texture to the ground… about time I show it off 🙂


I have a few sketches worked out for the next two paintings; they’ll be smaller then these last two featuring the red rocks of Utah, but hopefully just as intriguing.


In March I designed a t-shirt for the non-profit organization I work for; here’s the sketch I based it off of. The leaf at the top is part of the logo and is shown asymmetrically in the final design to give those astute viewers something to find.



Breathe easy 🙂